The creative hub based in the heart of King Georges playing fields park, this space is brought to you and ran by the Minus Cloud Nine team. A small Essex based business with big dreams, one of them being opening a space like our new creative hub in Brentwood.

Our mission is to bring spaces to communities enabling easier access to be able to create, speak, skill share, feel heard & safe. Creating spaces like this online, popping up in the country and in person.

Minus Cloud Nine was born in 2014 after our founder spent a long time caring for someone struggling with their mental health. Founder, Charlotte started drawing illustrations to try and explain her own interpretation around mental health with large black clouds for heads and to her surprise, they opened up lots of unexpected conversations.

These illustrations then went on to get printed on t-shirts from her bedroom floor, where a demand grew for the designs and we started talking more openly on social media, schools, workplaces and markets across London.

We realised very quickly the need for these conversations to be normalised to help people feel heard and a reminder that they are absolutely not alone.

So Essex pals, on those days where your world is feeling a bit topsy turvy and your cloud is feeling heavier than usual, remember that we are here and the kettle is (always) on.

Take some time for your own mental maintenance and come on in.

Starting now we will be offering lots of different mindful creative wellbeing workshops and activities for all ages. Encouraging those important conversations while those hands are occupied (allowing our thoughts to flow).

To see what events and workshops we have coming up click on the link below or head to our workshops page;

From mid 2024 we will also be offering private counselling sessions at a subsidized rate, provided by the hub to help those who may be in financial difficulty or immediate crisis.

So come on in and join the cloud community, grab a coffee, give us a follow on socials, tag us in your pictures and stay up to date with what is on from workshops, shopping small and skill sharing.

We truly believe conversations save lives, lets start them together.


Huge thank you to the following for helping make this happen;

Brentwood Borough Council

Liberty LTD


Imogen Mellissa

Isle of Avlon

Kate Carter

Supermoon London