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Please keep in mind everything is hand printing, embroidered and made so we do need a little it more time to dispatch - thank you for baring with us!

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Pssst! It’s a superpower

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Calling all Sensitive Sallys!

I’ve been described as Sensitive SO many times in my life in many ways however usually in the work place with the word ‘too’ in front of it 🙄

Google describes being sensitive as ‘being kind, caring, able to pick up on the feelings of others, and aware of their needs and behaving in a way that helps them feel good.’
However, whenever I have experienced being on the receiving end of someone pointing out my sensitivity it has been in a negative way.
How strange that being deeply empathetic and having high alertness to my own and others feelings could be seen as a negative. 🤷‍♀️

So this one is for anyone who relates, who wears their heart on their sleeves and is highly in tune with theirs and others emotions ❤️.

Along with a big thank you to anyone who’s ever called me sensitive, especially in the workplace. 🫶
These comments motivated me to leave and start running my own business which is inclusive of everyone to feel heard and be seen.
Being sensitive is a superpower. 🦸‍♀️ #sensitive

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We have a new home

The Creative Hub Brentwood.

Throughout the summer we have been working hard with planning, building, painting (and sometimes crying) preparing Minus Cloud Nines new home.

We have now opened the doors to the hub a place for creating, conversations, counselling, collaboration and of course cuppas.

We are bringing all the skills our founder Charlotte has self taught over the years to the hub to skill share with locals, giving them access to industrial textile equipment. Our goal is to provide well being workshops, getting those hands busy allowing thoughts to flow with workshops being ran by mental health professionals and artists.

Read about it here.
Campaign mission

Choose To Stay

Mental health awareness month May 2023, Minus Cloud Nine illustrations will be across London underground to align with their mission of opening up conversations around mental health & suicide prevention.

Along with thought provoking illustrations with meaningful messages, a connection to Thrive Ldn leading to information on contacts, resources and opportunity to donate to charity. This campaign aligns with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khans mission from
2019 of #ZeroSuicideLDN echoing their message and connecting people to further free online suicide prevention training through Zero Suicide Alliance.

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Community Driven

To inspire honest discussions around mental health, we must create a welcoming, judgement-free space that people feel comfortable opening up in and remind people they are not alone.


Remember to connect with us on social media and keep up to date with the #MinusNineMovement

End the Stigma

Motivated by our founder’s own experiences of mental health problems, Minus Cloud Nine is determined to end the stigma – one conversation at a time.


To show our support for mental health organisations, we donate a % of profits from every sale to the incredible Mind charity.

Sustainable & Ethical

From organic cotton and recycled polyester clothing to biodegradable and recyclable packaging, each productcomes with a sustainability guarantee.


We only work with manufacturers that have been approved by the Fair Wear Foundation, giving you peace of mind when making a purchase that your garment was ethically made by someone in the correct working conditions.

What we stand for

Minus Cloud Nine is the #1 brand for those seeking beautifully designed, sustainably sourced products driven by purpose.

We offer a wide range of clothing garments and unique accessories, from sweatshirts to hoodies, candles to prints – with a single overarching goal in mind: to kickstart mental health discussions.

At Minus Cloud Nine, we believe in talking about mental health on the good, bad & grey days.

A single conversation between friends, family members, or even strangers has the power to save lives. However, feeling comfortable enough to open up in the first place is usually the trickiest part.

That is where we come in, encouraging dialogue in a supportive environment free of any intimidation or judgement. Our brand strives to ignite conversations around mental health worldwide, from the recognisable symbol of the cloud, to the unique illustrations on our clothes to people sharing their #WhyIWearTheCloud stories on social media.

Read why and how we started on the link below.

Our Story
Our promise,

To respect our planet

Being eco-friendly is one of our top priorities, from start to finish we do our absolute best to respect our planet and the people in it, focusing on sustainability and ethically made products.

Packaging: 100% biodegradable or recycable

Clothing: All our garments are made from organic cotton & recycled polyester.

We also have a few pieces which are up cycled from factory dead stock, focusing on turning trash into treasure.

The most amazing quality with an even amazing message, so excited to get more

Hannah Joritz, Customer from seven dials market London

I got an Oatmeal hoodie as a birthday present and it was the most beautiful surprise. I loved it immediately but when I seen the message behind the brand I am now obsessed. Cant wait to buy everyone it for Christmas

Rebecca Heassan

I received my package today and was totally worth the wait! Thank you for making such quality pieces of clothing, will defo buy from you again

Izzy in Birmingham
Speaking events

Did you know?

Minus Cloud Nine’s founder is also available to speak at school and workplaces.

Her journey from past to present – including coping mechanism top tips and recovery support – aims to inform and inspire new conversations around mental health.

Feel free to get in touch from the link below!

Speaking events?